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HCT0310 HCT0200 NPL_CaviSensor
 Hydrophones HCT-0320 HCT-0200  NPL CaviSensor
Applications Advanced Precision Cleaning General Purpose General Purpose
Frequency Range Up to 1.2 MHz Up to 200 kHz Up to 60 kHz
Acoustic Calibration Yes, included Optional Not available
Dimensions Shaft length: 270mm
Shaft diameter: 3 mm
Handle length: 80 mm
Handle diameter: 12 mm
Shaft length: 500mm
Shaft diameter: 6 mm
Handle length: 165 mm
Handle diameter: 25 mm
Inner Diameter: 30 mm
Outer Diameter: 40 mm
Height: 34 mm
Mechanical Isolation “Single Point” for localized sensing “Single Point” for localized sensing Localized sensing
Chemical Compatibility pH 4-12
DIW (Stainless Steel 304) pH 4-12, no solvents (polyurethane)
Max Operating Temperature 70 deg C 70 deg C 70 deg C
MCT2000 MCT1020 NPL_CaviMeter
Meters MCT-2000 MCT-1020  NPL CaviMeter
Units of Measure Absolute cavitation measurements:
– Fundamental Frequency (kHz)
– Transient Cavitation Pressure (kPa)
– Stable Cavitation Pressure (kPa)
– Direct Field Pressure (kPa)
Relative total pressure measurements:
– Total RMS Voltage (VRMS)
Relative cavitation measurements:
– LF – Low Frequency, Direct Field (VRMS)
– HF – High Frequency, Cavitation (VRMS)
Hydrophone Interface BNC (female) to LEMO connector with embedded hydrophone calibration file BNC (female) BNC (female)
Useable Electronic Bandwidth 10 MHz 3 MHz LF – 20 to 200 kHz
HF – 1.5 to 7 MHz
Settings - Tap and Log mode
– Averaging: 1-99 sec
Averaging: 0.1, 1.0, 10 sec Averaging: 2 sec (displayed)
Data Management - Touch panel display
– Data logging to local memory
– Save parameters, spectrum, waveform
– Export as text or binary format
– Remote access via ethernet for maintenance
BNC (male) output for 3rd party data logger BNC (male) output for 3rd party data logger
Power AC Power Plug, 110-220 VAC Battery Operated (dual 9V) AC Power Plug, 110-220 VAC
Dimensions 232 mm (W) x 113 mm (H) x 215 mm (D) 111 mm (W) x 190 mm (L) x 57 mm (D) 305 mm (W) x 163 mm (H) x 200 mm (D)

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