Onda to Present Acoustic Measurements of 3 MHz Transducers for Mask Cleaning

September 12-14, 2016 – Onda is pleased to collaborate with Honda Electronics, SUSS MicroTec, and the University of Arizona to present a study which evaluates the acoustic performance for two 3 MHz transducers used for photomask megasonic cleaning.

The poster is titled:

Acoustic Characterization of Two Megasonic Devices for Photomask Cleaning
Paper 9985-74
Author(s): Claudio Zanelli, Xi Chen, Onda Corp. (United States); Manish Keswani, The Univ. of Arizona (United States); Nagaya Okada, Honda Electronics Co., Ltd. (Japan); Jyhwei Hsu, SUSS MicroTec (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (Taiwan); Petrie H. Yam, Onda Corp. (United States)


New methods to measure stable and transient cavitation were applied to two megasonic cleaning devices. One is a novel design consisting of a transducer coupled to a tilted, truncated quartz cone with a 4 x 6 cm elliptical flat surface, coupled with the substrate by cleaning fluid infused through the cone. The second device is a spot shower that uses a smooth jet of cleaning fluid to convey the sound. Results of the measurements, acoustic maps and schlieren imaging are used to explain the cleaning performance of each device.

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