Cavitation Monitoring Sensor with Digital Pressure Meter

CMS-series, MCT-1200

Monitor the heartbeat of your ultrasonic cleaner! The externally mounted cavitation monitoring sensor (CMS) allows continuous monitoring of the cavitation performance inside an ultrasonic tank without cumbersome fixtures or disruption to the acoustic field. The self- adhesive housing has demonstrated to have comparable adhesion strength as marine grade epoxies without the messy and time consuming preparation steps. With the MCT-1200 software, the option to match with a reference such as an externally calibrated hydrophone is available. The CMS sensor and MCT-1200 fills a critical gap in process monitoring for precision cleaning processes.

Some other key features include:

  • Externally mounted assembly to continuously monitor the acoustic stability
  • Avoid disrupting the acoustic field, cumbersome fixtures, exposure to harsh chemistries
  • Self-reference with externally calibrated hydrophone for absolute measurements
  • Simple “quick stick” transducer installation using self-adhesive housing
  • Acoustically ready for single wall tank configurations
  • Digital logging to detect real-time excursions

Acoustic Map

Click HERE for the CMS 0300 Datasheet