Custom Products

Most standard product Onda offers originate from a “custom” request that eventually serve multiple customers.  Please inquire if your measurement needs are not fully met.  Some examples of our development projects include:

Integrated Sensors

Onda develops and manufactures innovative OEM cavitation sensors for integration into ultrasonic cleaning systems to continuously or routinely monitor the acoustic stability. The integrated sensor technology leverages from extensive experience developing and manufacturing hydrophones used for various industrial and medical applications.

Sensor Arrays

Wet photomask cleaning relies on megasonic agitation to enhance the process, but there are many challenges to reliably control performance in terms of particle removal efficiency (PRE) and damage. With the shift to pellicle-free EUV masks, photomask processes are more vulnerable to contamination. This gap exists largely because of the unavailability of appropriate measurement of the acoustic field.  Typically all that is specified about the acoustic output is the driving frequency and the electric power delivered to a transducer.  The complexity of the actual cleaning process should account for other important process variables (e.g., frequency, power, chemistry, transducer orientation, flow rate, etc.), which demands an in-situ measurement.  Understanding how the acoustic waves interact with the substrate is essential to optimize cleaning, and this knowledge is becoming accessible with the development of sensor arrays.

Hydrophone Scanning System

The CTS Scanner enables hydrophone mapping to be done automatically, using the HCT hydrophone. The scanner is customized to mount to substrate carriers, eliminating the need for positioning alignment. Because the shaft diameter of the HCT hydrophone is only ~3 mm, 2D acoustic plots can be acquired in “loaded” configurations to simulate actual conditions in the cleaning process (e.g., between substrates for semiconductors, data storage, and related applications).

Ultrasonic/Megasonic Cleaning Tank Scanner (CTS)

For more information, please contact us and provide us details of your requirement.