Acoustically Test Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

The HCT hydrophone with MCT acoustic meter is a trustworthy instrument to characterize and monitor the acoustic properties of ultrasonic cleaning systems.   Its unique single point sensing design allows localized measurements to generate true 3-dimensional acoustic maps of the cleaning tank.

Acoustic Map

For many ultrasonic cleaning processes, achieving a uniform acoustic field is challenging. This is because there is a broad range of process variables that affect the acoustic field distribution including transducer-to-transducer variation, gas concentration, temperature gradients, flow rate, among others. Ultimately, this contributes to how well particles are removed directly affecting process yield.


The sensitivity (i.e., V/Pa) of any hydrophone will vary as a function of frequency. To account for this, each HCT hydrophone includes an acoustic calibration traceable to a National Laboratory, yielding results in standard physical units. Knowing an absolute physical result is particularly important for comparison studies between ultrasonic cleaning systems of different frequencies.

Click here for HCT Hydrophone Datasheet